We are a family business located in Boise Idaho.  My wife and I own a small studio shop located in our home, along with a recently formed collective studio shop close by.  We spend many hours in the shop creating and exploring new shapes and forms both blown and solid worked borosilicate glass.  Most of our work is melted in a 2000 deg. flame, with a torch.  This is where the term Torch Worked Glass comes from.  Currently we have been playing more with slumping and fusing , and have begun experimenting with coldworking and painting the glass.
    I am really excited about the new studio.  I  partnered up with another local artist named Zion Warne, and together we are forming an open door studio with all types of glass  art classes and workshops.  The new studio is located on 47th and Fenton, one block north of Chinden Blvd. in Garden City ID.  All are welcome to stop by and check us out during the early stages.  As soon as everything is complete we will announce the grand opening.  Check back often for details.

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